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7 Ways to Thrive During Overload

Regardless of where you are in the school calendar, the feeling of distress can be overwhelming! Don’t fret there’s relief ahead, and it just may keep you sane! Remember that stress is your brain and body’s reaction to any demand. There is good stress (healthy levels) and bad stress (chronic and acute like a trauma). Stress affects everyone […]

“Dump the Slump!” Your 60-Day Solution

Does it feel like it yet? It’s that time of year … again! Does it seem like your students get off task more quickly than usual? Do they move more slowly from one task to the next? Are they showing signs of boredom more often? If you’re like most teachers I work with, you are […]

Why “Cross your Fingers and Hope for the Best” is Actually Great Advice

Have you ever wondered what really creates the difference between the student who gives strong effort and the one who doesn’t? Is there some magical research that provides evidence that crossing your fingers initiates a physiological reaction that somehow leads to better student effort and attitude? Well, the research almost says that – not quite. If you’d like greater […]

… about your emotional weight

How much “weight” do you carry every day? Isn’t work challenging enough without adding weight? You may be thinking, “What kind of nerve does Eric have, talking about my weight?” Actually, this post is NOT about the extra pounds on your frame. (After all, you likely already know that every 10 pounds of weight loss equals […]