How Brain-Based Learning Provides Teaching Power

Make the brains of students your most effective teaching tool

Benefits of brain-based learning come from taking advantage of the physiology of the brain when the mechanics of the learning process itself are optimized. The most effective teachers are able to take advantage of that process once they understand how it works. Optimizing student learning comes from using their natural abilities to fashion your own optimized teaching strategies.

How the Brain Actually Learns

Each person is unique—one-of-a-kind. Still, functionally, we are more alike than we are different. Teachers are aware that different people learn in different ways—that is to say that some appreciate the abstract and creative while others have a greater appreciation of logic and sequence. Some learn better by reading and some by doing. Others remember what they are told but can't get the information when they read. That is what makes a classroom so dynamic and, frankly, interesting. However, human brain physical processes will work more alike than they will differently.

Brain-based learning

Brain-based education is engagement of smart strategies based on principles of neuroscience. But not 1 in a 1000 knows how to optimize the research. But you can learn how to do that in a supportive, joyful environment with a world leader in brain-based education.

Modifying your teaching environment

In front of real students it doesn't usually even take an hour before a teacher comes to know that dispensing knowledge, and expecting it to just soak in, is not going to work. The reason it worked for you in college is because you provided your own motivation and engagement. Students in elementary and high school levels have neither the maturity nor the will to do that for themselves. It is up to you to provide that environment.

Part of that environmental change should be accommodating the physiological processes for learning. Once you have a better understanding of how the brain works to retain new learning, you will have a better understanding of elements that inhibit or prevent learning, as well. We can teach you the strategies to set that environment and make your classroom a haven for high-level learning and achievement.

Is there any evidence that this approach actually works?

There is a scientific, peer reviewed journal, The International, Mind, Brain, Education Society Journal (IMBES) that just won best journal of the year. Harvard offers a master’s level and doctoral level degree in brain-based education. But what about the classroom teachers that go to Jensen’s workshops? What happens to them? Let’s let them tell you in their words:

“Your workshop in Portland last summer changed my life. I have truly rekindled my passion for teaching using your tools of engagement strategies. As a matter of fact, today I was voted Teacher of the Year for Sawtooth Middle School. Yes!!!!! I look forward everyday to engaging my students in the learning process. Forever in gratitude.”
-Donna B. 6th grade teacher, Sawtooth Middle School

“I have been sharing your teaching and learning ideas with my school district for two years now, and everyone is excited with the work that they are doing. I cannot begin to thank you for giving me the tools to be a better staff developer.”
-Susan M. District office

“I took your Brain-Based workshop a few summers ago and I was blown away.  My wife said I couldn't stop talking each night about what I had learned that day.  I was anticipating going back to the classroom and applying what I was learning.  I had read some of your books and utilized the ideas in the past, but the workshop was such a shot in the arm.  My enthusiasm skyrocketed.  It was easy applying the ideas to my classes. The kids would tell me it made a difference by improving their focus.  I also give workshops to teachers and curriculum coaches.  I always utilize what I've learned from your workshop.  I'm amazed how many educators have not tried some of the simple techniques.  I always get positive results and the educators can be heard saying, "I'm going to do this with my kids/teachers/staff." 
-Gary K. Mobile, Alabama

We can teach you how to power-teach with a brain-based approach

At the Jensen Brain-based Learning Workshop, you will learn the inside strategies for managing outside distractions, stress, break times, and exercise and how each can affect both learning and the intensity of learning. We can teach you various coping skills and strategies from which you can benefit and then pass along to your students for their benefit. Even the foods we eat or don't eat can affect learning and you can learn how to use that information to intensify learning.

All workshops are based on "practice what you preach" methodology. While you are attending the workshops, you will be learning using the same pathways and techniques that will help you teach more effectively—thus you learn the concepts more effectively.

On our website, we also have available several PowerPoint presentations focusing on various aspects of brain-based learning that are suitable for use in in-service learning and staff training situations. We also have musical and artistic teaching aids that can help you set a new environment for higher achievement.

Learning about the benefits of brain-based learning not only will change the way you approach teaching, but it will change the way you think about all interpersonal communication, especially when conveying information is the goal of communication. Learning these strategies and techniques is all about smarter more purposeful teaching to a greater number of students through better engagement, higher achievement, and stronger retention.

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