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Contracting Eric Jensen - Staff Development FAQ

Presentation TopicsHow early should you book and what is the cost?

What is the ideal staff development plan?

What are the contract expectations?

Is your organization ready?

How do I make arrangements?

How Early Should you Book and What is the Cost?

When to contract Eric Jensen

Usually, you'll need to book 3-18 months in advance. There are always exceptions, so be sure to ask. Some months are much busier than others. They may be pre-booked with longer, in-depth trainings or other commitments. However, exceptions do occur, so please ask if these are the dates you desire..

What if Eric Jensen is not available?

There is an extended certification program for applicants to become trained. This rigorous program includes trainings, journaling, references, video and written exams.

If Eric Jensen cannot do the work you request, we will recommend one of his certified, well-trained associates. We’ll give you their number and you’ll work directly with them, not through Jensen Learning.

How much does it cost?

Each job is bid separately. We will send you a firm bid. It will depend on whether the work is international or domestic, the size of the group, how much advance preparation the group has been made, the location and the number of days. Expenses are additional (travel, lodging, meals, workbook duplication).

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What is the ideal staff development plan?

There are many high-quality plans, however, we recommend the following:
  1. Send a team of key people, such as lead teachers or staff developers, to our in-depth workshops (click here for more info.). That will start the process and prepare your follow-up team. This way you’ll soon have qualified in-house resources.
  2. Then, expose teachers to this material through articles, brief exposures, snippets and news blurbs that whet the appetite.
  3. Bring Eric Jensen to your district to do a full day overview. After that, there will be stronger interest in this methodology.
  4. Use your own team members, those that have already been trained, to carry on the important follow-up sessions with your staff. Expect to take from 18-24 months for the process, depending on your starting point, days available and size of your staff.
  5. Renew and update the presentation material every two years by sending your key trainers to the Learning Brain Expo. That will insure that the knowledge stays fresh and relevant.

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What is expected once the contracts are signed?

You will be asked if you want to hold the date as 'tentative' or as 'confirmed'. Only if it's confirmed will Eric Jensen actually save, block off and guarantee the date.

To save a date requires a signed Jensen Learning contract. Both parties will agree on the topic, date, compensation and location.

You will agree to do the following:

  • Provide the number of participants that you estimated
  • Hold the presentation on the date agreed upon
  • Use a "learning friendly" venue. This means having refreshments for the participants in the morning and afternoon. It means a large, well-lit room. It means you'll have the workbooks ready and the catering set.
  • Have a large screen (10' x 10' or greater) so that everyone can see well.
  • Be willing to provide a sound system (CD player if needed) and good seating for the learners.
  • Provide the check for the presentation fees at the close of the presentation.
  • Support the efforts with follow up.
These are typical of your responsibilities. Eric Jensen promises to be on time, be prepared, to do what you ask and more, and produce a terrific presentation each and every time.

Do not contact Eric Jensen directly regarding fees, availability or booking arrangements. If you have interest, questions or comments, you may e-mail Diane Jensen at Her phone number is (858) 642-0400 X301.

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Is your Organization Ready for a Consultant?

Not every organization is ready for a consultant. You get the most value out of bringing an advisor or staff developer into your organization when you've done your homework.

The real goal of staff development is to affect positive, lasting change. That will happen only when you understand what elements drive true behavior changes and which ones do not.

What prevents change?

  • A leader who lacks will, vision and enthusiasm for the project and will leave before it's finished
  • Lack of perceived need and motivation to do the project
  • Confusion over what is being offered or implemented
  • Lack of resources for participants
  • Lack of goals, feedback or celebrations
  • Bad timing for the staff development

What fuels change?

  • Desire and/or need to change
  • A clear understanding of what the changes will be
  • A clear majority (70% or more) favoring the changes
  • A leader who is willing to stay and follow through
  • A minority (30 % or less) who does not agree but will suspend judgment for 6-12 months
  • Having necessary resources like time, materials and good health in order to make the changes
  • Feeling supported by supervisors and administrators
  • Receiving follow-up
  • Setting goals and benchmarks
  • Feedback and coaching to fine-tune the progress
  • Celebrations when goals are reached.
Before you contact Jensen Learning, ask yourself, “Is our organization ready? Is this a good use of our resources? Will I have prepared the participants in advance? Am I willing to support this effort in the long run?” If the answers to those questions are “no” it may be better to wait until you're ready.


What size group is optimal?

Think big. Our commitment is to make a significant difference in the lives of your staff and students.

In general, we like projects which

  • Allow us to work with the greatest number of people
  • Influence those most willing to change
  • Include the decision-making administrators
  • Are designed to succeed long-term

Therefore if you are willing to prepare and support your staff over the long haul, Eric Jensen may be your person, especially if you have 100-5,000 attendees.

When is it NOT appropriate for Eric Jensen?

Don't force this on your staff. If you have 20 teachers who are going to retire in a year and don't want to attend, it's better to invest your money elsewhere. If you're unwilling to continue training or purchase follow-up materials to support your staff, this is not for you. If you only want to get higher test scores, hire a test prep consultant.

Eric Jensen's focus is on learning: how to improve it, what impairs it and strategies to enhance it. If you want to develop better human beings who will get higher test scores eventually, this might be for you.

While you can expect learning and motivation to improve, it's not an instant fix. It does take some time to get most everyone on board. The by-product of this steady approach is that you'll receive the higher test scores you desire by doing other things well.

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How do I make arrangements?

Do not call Eric Jensen directly. He is often out of town and you might wait for weeks.

Call or email Diane Jensen at (858) 642-0400 X301 or She's usually in Monday through Friday, 9-5pm, Pacific Standard Time.

After she listens to your needs, she'll send you an information sheet. You will then fill it out and fax it back to her at (858) 642-0404.

She will evaluate the data you have sent to her and let you know as soon as possible if the work you requested can be done. If she's not available, please leave your name, phone, fax number and email address.

We are sorry that Eric's schedule doesn't allow him to do every presentation that's requested of him. If he is able to work with you, we can promise that he'll do a terrific job.

"His (Eric’s) presentation will have long-term benefits to our instruction and student learning. I know we would love to have Eric return to our district…"

-Dr. K. Pfeifer, Hampstead School District, New Hampshire

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