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Enriching the Brains of Students In Poverty

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Enriching The Brain Of Poverty DVD Workshop

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Affordable 1st Class Staff Development with Eric Jensen’s Practical, Achievement-Boosting and Research-Based Strategies!

It can be done at your school. You can have a high performance school with kids from poverty. Dozens of schools are already doing it.

You can boost learning and achieve success every day. No one is saying, “It’s a piece of cake.”  It’s not.  Succeeding at your school will take resources. You can bring Eric Jensen to your school, do a book study with the staff or you can have a permanent and compelling in-house resource to use again and again, for one low price.

You have the opportunity to get the best resource available anywhere, at any price.

Now, you can host a staff development workshop on your own, using Eric Jensen's amazing workshop in a box:

  • The real science behind “brains can change.”  Learn how IQ is NOT fixed, and get strategies we can all use to influence changes in your student’s brain.

  • Learn four ways the brains of kids from poverty are physically different. Find out what strategies can neutralize and even overcome a childhood from poverty.

  • Discover how enrichment works and what the country’s most successful schools do that matters most to rebuild underperforming students and skyrocket achievement.

  • Get the powerful “five pillars of success” AND the specific, practical, school-tested strategies that turn schools with 90%+ attendance and 90%+ graduation rates. 

  • Learn the biggest mistakes to avoid. These are the seven deadly sins that derail all school success plans. Avoid them and you’ll have a winner!

  • Absorb the amazing, science-based, classroom-proven secrets that ramp up attendance, slash discipline problems and skyrocket school achievement over and over!

Take decisive action now to get four (4) powerful 70-minute live DVDs. That’s four professional development sessions for 280 minutes total!

BONUS: You'll Also Get 6 Downloadable PDF Guides:

The guides help structure your in-house training program on "Enriching The Brains Of Poverty". In each guide you'll find background material, strategies to put into action, along with specific steps to take to improve your school today. The guides are designed to supercharge your staff.

You get complete, easy-to-follow instructions broken into 6 simple sections, perfect for a staff roadmap for specific classroom strategies. You can easily print a copy for each participant. Retail value: $149, but you get this success-building, staff-supporting gold mine of ideas and research absolutely FREE.

The guides include:

  • Insights on High Poverty Kids

  • Telescoping the Mindset of Change

  • Turnaround Champion Secrets

  • School Wide 5 Super Factors

  • Miracle Classroom Factors

  • BONUS Successful Lesson Planning


Order Eric Jensen Brain Based Teaching DVDs

You can now soak in the cutting-edge content over and over for maximum learning. You can host your workshop in one day, or let your teaching staff take it on their schedule.

The sooner your staff “buys in”:  1) that change is possible  2) that change is necessary right now  3) the new science-based vision for change and 4) the accountability to make it happen..., the better. 

Every day counts, you must act today! Your staff and your students NEED CHANGE NOW! 

Poverty Teaching Workshop


Order Eric Jensen Brain Based Teaching DVDs

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Staff Development

Eric Jensen's PowerPoint Presentations
For Staff Development.
27 Presentation Topics Covered!

Eric Jensen Teaching Tools Powerpoints

In today's world, budgets are tighter than ever. Principals are now tasked with a great amount of staff training... and we've made it easier for you!

Eric Jensen has prepared a wide variety of PowerPoint presentations to help deliver a powerful presentation... helping you deliver a clear concise learning experience.

Those who have asked us for PowerPoint presentations are most often:

  1. Trainers who work with groups of 20 or more
  2. Staff developers who really want to make a difference
    in the lives of others
  3. Teachers who want a more energizing classroom and
  4. Anyone who currently or will in the future, spend a lot of time in front of groups.

Your presentations will have title slides and closing slides. Average presentation is 75-125 slides, depending on the topic. You may customize (in fact, you are encouraged to do so) your slides by adding your own titles, key themes, strategies, persons of interest, school pictures and activities.

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