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A Fresh Look at Cultural Responsiveness

How Culturally Responsive Teaching Re-Draws the Boundaries of the “In” Crowd

Why is it that so many kids crave to be part of the “in” crowd? What do they hope to gain? Regardless of what they’re looking for, being a part of the “in” crowd is a healthy desire.

3 Powerful Tools for Brain-Powered Test-Prep

When it comes to testing, you might feel like your students experience some bizarre memory loss and forget all they have learned. Or, perhaps you question if they ever learned it in the first place? Either way, it can be frustrating for them and you. Supporting students’ brains to be at peak performance for an […]

Four Simple Steps to New Year’s Resolution Success

Is it just me, or does it seem like fewer people are setting New Year’s Resolutions these days? If so, you wouldn’t be surprised; the vast majority of them remain unachieved. Yes, there is always value in doing a life inventory and making a few course corrections. But this tradition needs an upgrade – and […]

Would You Rather be Trendy or Evidence-Based?

Your Classroom Might Be Slowing the Learning! Where do you look for guidance on ensuring your classroom is set up for optimal learning? Pinterest will show you some really pretty classrooms, but the scientific research will direct you to the BIG 3 – the three factors in your classroom that significantly impact student learning. Lean […]