Eric Jensen’s Presentation Topics

Dr. Eric Jensen Gives Your Staff Evidence-Based and Highly Practical Strategies Linking Brain Research To Student Achievement

Teacher-Workshop Private Eric Jensen

At conferences, Dr. Eric Jensen typically does keynotes and breakout sessions. In addition, He is available to offer much longer, more in-depth programs at your school or district. Please continue reading as the menu has changed.

Each full or additional day gives your participants a stronger scientific foundation plus additional practical strategies, with time to practice on-site.

Dr. Jensen’s focus is on practical strategies linking brain research directly to student achievement. The programs listed below are dynamic, upbeat, and energizing.

Length of sessions available includes:

1) Keynote

2) Half-day

3) Full day in-depth programs lasting one to three days

4) Virtual Session(s)

Each additional day of a multi-day program gives your participants a stronger foundation, additional confidence and time to practice on-site.

Here are Your Topic choices:

  • Staff Stress Management (Self-Care) with the Brain in Mind
    (If Your Staff is Struggling, Your Students Will Too; How to Stay Strong & Rise Up)
  • Teaching with Poverty & Equity in Mind 
    (Learn and Engage the Powerful Secrets of Equity and Cultural Responsiveness)
  • Tools for Engaging Every Student, Every Day
    (Light the fire of passion and engagement every day with these easy to use tools)
  • Rapid Catch-Up Tools for Struggling Students
    (Learn the 7 Secrets of Building Cognitive Capacity in ALL students)


“Eric Jensen’s Teaching and Engaging with Poverty in Mind received accolades from our staff who attended earlier this year; therefore, I could hardly ‘wait my turn’ to attend this summer! It was well-worth the wait. Eric Jensen’s philosophies and research underscore that even little tweaks make big differences in how we teach and what students learn. As educators, we DO mark the futures our students. Eric Jensen offers powerful insight into young lives engulfed in poverty. He models inventive strategies that will engage our youngsters and invite them to become everyday heroes; – heroes who make positive life choices, direct their own learning and lifetime success, and impact the lives of others. If given an opportunity to attend an Eric Jensen presentation, seize it!”
-Bonnie Alexander

“All educators working in the field must be well-versed in the content contained in Eric Jensen’s presentaiton if they are to create the kind of learning environment that all students deserve.  The science behind Mr. Jensen’s work coupled with the pedagogy is a must-have for all educators.  Great stuff!”
-Michael Rullo