What is Jensen Learning Certification?

Certification is the establishment of a level of competence and an endorsement by the authorizing agency. Firemen, cosmetic surgeons, police academies, dentistry schools, business schools, government agencies and private industry all offer certifications.

In brain-based education, the Jensen Learning Certification has been the "Gold Standard" of quality for many years. It was among the toughest and most interdisciplinary program available. It was a rigorous, full-service training that helped many get very, very good at this emerging discipline.


If your goal is to get VERY good at what you do (or what Eric Jensen does), here is what to do.
Take the following programs and you’ll get VERY good:

Teaching with Poverty in Mind
(offered June 19-21, 2017 and June 22-24, 2017 in San Antonio)


Teaching with the Brain in Mind
(offered June 14-17, 2017 in San Antonio)

Game Changers
(offered February 20-22, 2017 in San Antonio)

Register at:  http://www.jensenlearning.com/workshops.php

Who is Currently Certified?

The trainers listed below have successfully completed the rigorous and extensive process of Certification with Jensen Learning, as well as maintained their certification through continuous training. Each is a Certified Trainer, working independently of Jensen Learning. Many (not all) are available for work referrals. Please contact Diane Jensen diane@jensenlearning.com for more information.

Iliana Aljure — Columbia
John Almarode —Virginia
Alicia Alvarez-Calderon — Texas
Lisa Baker — Florida
Patricia Bentolila — Panama
Craig Carson — Missouri
Ricky Wai Leung Chan — Hong Kong
Anson Chen Kwan Yee — Hong Kong
Kim Cooke —North Carolina
Rick Doughty —Oregon
Maurina Esprit-Maduro —The Antilles
Bryan Harris — Arizona
Melanie Hoffner — Iowa
Ernest Izard — Texas
Lezley Lewis — Texas

Yen Kai Lye — Singapore
Charlene Myklebust — Minnesota
LeAnn Nickelsen — Georgia
Danijela Odri — Victoria, Australia
Jean Seville-Suffield — Quebec, Canada
Joanne Spence — Pennsylvania
Sue Tomaszewski — New York
Margo Turner — Arkansas
Karan Young — Tennessee


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