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Get Astonishing Student Achievement...
100% Scientific, 100% Research Based
and Classroom-Proven!

Teacher Workshop Teaching With The Brain In Mind

June 5-8, 2019 in San Antonio, TX


Our signature 4-day event gives you the insider background knowledge,
key skills and practical roadmap for academic success. You will learn how to
successfully understand learning and classroom behavior in a totally new way.

You'll learn the principles and strategies for positive,
practical, brain-based ways
that can skyrocket achievement scores.

Dear Colleague:

Once a year, I gather together the best of what I know about learning and the brain. Then I arrange all the resources to put on the best "brain show on earth."

In short, you can learn to, literally, "Teach with the Brain in Mind" from me, Dr. Eric Jensen, author of the best-selling ASCD book, Teaching with the Brain in Mind. And, yes, you can discover the brain's best-kept learning secrets in just FOUR ACTION-PACKED DAYS and get enough practical strategies for years!

This remarkable, hands-on, experiential training explores both how the brain learns and the specific, practical applications of that knowledge. This program reveals powerful information, usable skills and action steps, using a variety of differentiated learning techniques.

You'll get choice, variety and a banquet of learning with video, teamwork, relevant presentations, brainstorming, paired sharing, reflection and an amazing field trip.

You Get a Combined 27+ Practical, Research-Based Classroom
Strategies Ripped From the Headlines of Leading-Edge Neuroscience,
In-Depth Program that Will Rock Your Teaching!

The #1 Attended Brain-Based Workshop
in The World for Over 20 Years!
Teaching With The Brain In Mind
with Dr. Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen WorkshopsDiscover the brain's best-kept learning secrets in just 4 days and get enough practical strategies for years!

This leading-edge training gives you:

  1. The latest research in educational neuroscience, and

  2. Links it with specific, practical classroom-ready applications that boost student learning.

To succeed everyday with your students, you need the inside principles of "how our brain really works."

Unlock and activate the brain's 10 most amazing learning and behavioral rules that not 1 in 1,000 teachers actually know. Learn to teach with, not against how our brain naturally learns.

Get on the inside of the cutting-edge brain-based teaching strategies. This is the #1 attended brain-based course in the world for good reason.

  • It's Easy-To-Understand, Fun and Practical 
  • The Brain is the Wave of the Future
  • Find Out What's New–Keep Up In Your Field
  • Upgrade Your Professional Skills

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Apply what you learn and you can expect to get consistent classroom miracles!Gain self-confidence and lower your stress with over 27 powerful, easy-to-use learning strategies.

This 4-day, hands-on experiential teacher workshop training explores both how the brain learns and the specific, practical applications of that knowledge. Using video, guest speakers, brainstorming, lecture, paired sharing, an amazing field trip and reflection, this program reveals powerful information, usable skills and action steps.

You can add this exciting new content into your life or keep falling further behind while your students, the new research and hottest technology pass you by.

Our Amazing Teacher Workshops Get Results!

"ABSOLUTELY YES! And take a team of teachers with you if the District will foot the bill for it!  It's the BEST seminar on teaching/presentation strategies I have attended in 20 years of teaching." C. Cunningham, Wasilla, AK

"It's too bad that I found out about this 25 years into my career, but what GREAT tools I have to use now for the last 5 years."  L. Taylor, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Every teacher should take this course - it should be mandated!" M. Gray, Houston, TX

"This training has been the most practical session I have experienced in 31 years of teaching." K. Scribner, Tulsa, OK


Take this Program and You Can Expect To:

  • Join The "Cutting-Edge" Of 21st Century Learning
  • Lower Your Work Stress–Reach More Learners!
  • Make A Bigger Difference & Feel Good About It
  • Boost Learning, Meaning & Memory Dramatically

Teaching workshop Brain-basedThis is not a lecture course and not a "touchy-feely" program. If you only want non-stop content, read 50 books instead. This workshop is an enriching, high energy, research-based, team-working experience. The heart and soul of this program is joyful immersion.

Learn with like-minded people, in an optimal environment, with state-of-the-art resources and a first-class facilitator. You can expect inspiration, camaraderie and potent, roll-up your sleeves ideas that will last for years.
    • Boosting Learning and Achievement
    • Gain New Ways of Thinking and Learning
    • Increase Your Market Value
    • Learn Easy-to-Apply Teaching & Staff Development Skills
    • Discover Potent New Tools to Boost Learning
    • Boost Your Own Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
    • Develop The Nuts and Bolts of an Action Plan

Teaching with the Brain in Mind:
An Amazing In-Depth Event!
You'll Teach Smarter, Reach More Students,
and Enjoy Less Work Stress!

Do you have the research and tools you need to work successfully with all students?
Unlock the student brain and discover ways to engage and enliven kids, while reducing your stress and burnout!

Brain Based TeachingHere's what's in this amazing "Teaching with the Brain
in Mind" workshop:

  1. Learn the 14 most amazing brain-based principles
  2. Discover (& remember!) the secrets to accurate memory & recall
  3. Find out what drives change in the human brain...and how to do it!
  4. Get the inside secrets of how to influence your student's brain chemistry
  5. Learn to build a positive social status environment
  6. Make new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of a close-knit team
  7. Gain dozens of practical tools of engagement for more active classes
  8. Learn how to use music, arts and physical education
  9. Find out the near-deadly effects of chronic stress or threat on learning;
    even in your own brain!
  10. See, hear and feel every single idea, strategy or principle role-modeled
    (no one else does this like Eric Jensen)
  11. Get dozens of resources you can see and purchase on the spot.

Discover The Brain's Best-Kept
Learning Secrets in One 4-Day Event
and Get Enough Practical Strategies for Years!

Brain research applied to education is no longer an experiment. It's been a trend for over 25 years and it's not going away. Harvard University now offers Brain-Based Master's and Doctoral degrees. You can add this exciting new content (AND STRATEGIES) into your skill set or fall behind. Do not let your students, and the latest research pass you by.

You need the inside principles of how the brain really works, if you want to succeed everyday with your students. Here’s what past students have said:

"I think this workshop should be required for all educators. The depth of knowledge and how to make a true positive difference in your classroom, school, or district will revitalize and revolutionize you and the students." C. Snider, Batavia, OH

"If you are looking for "something" to really improve your teaching and learning on your campus-forget about national conferences for a while and attend Teaching with the Brain in Mind. Sink your teeth into real meat that will provide strategies and make a difference for both students (learners) and teachers (more effective)." D. Hernandez, Lafayette, LA

"If you hesitate you'll regret it! Go for it! You'll leave highly motivated and geared to start/effect change!" E. Picker, Hamburg, Germany

The #1 Attended Brain-Based Course
in the World for a Reason:
It Works! You Can Make a Real Difference.

This leading-edge training gives you:

    1. The latest practical research in educational neuroscience
    2. Specific, differentiated classroom-ready applications that skyrocket student learning
    3. Role modeling so you can see, hear and feel HOW the strategies are used to boost classroom success
    4. Quality, research-based and classroom-proven strategies
    5. Learn to teach with, not against, how the brain naturally learns
    6. Discover the cutting-edge of brain-based learning

Learn from a world leader who knows the material AND role models the application of it right before your eyes.

"This is the best workshop I've ever attended; the principles & properties are research based & provide hope & ideas that can be utilized in classrooms throughout the district that will ultimately improve student success."
T. Poltrock, Sanford, NC

"This is a great training where you will learn how & why students' brains work the way they do and great strategies to enhance learning."
P. Hall, Cheyenne, WY

"You will laugh, have fun, make new friends all around the world, learn a ton of information about yourself and how to be more engaging and less sloppy when teaching!"
T. Bare, Cheyenne, WY

"You need to take this course to be able to go through the learning experience in "brain-based learnings" classes. One thing is to "study" about it, but another better thing is to "experience" what it is like to learn in a full-time brain-based class."
N. Monte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Go! You'll never look at teaching and learning the same way. It helped clarify my practice and reminded me of the importance of as well showed me new ways of being more purposeful and deliberate throughout my entire day with my students."
B. Perkins, Pittsburgh, PA

"One of the most awesome educational experiences ever. After 24 yrs. of teaching I can still learn how to affect my student's lives & learning."
C. Shelden, Houston, TX

"Definitely inspiring training. It makes me truly believe that there is a way to every child's learning & nothing is impossible!"
A. Mendoza, Amarillo, TX

"Highly recommend workshop for anyone looking to make a difference with staff and students."
H. Kirk, Houston, TX

Up on the latest brain research? You may be surprised at what's new. But you can fast-forward to the cutting edge of learning. Here's a sampling:

INSIGHT #1: Everybody's sure music works. But did you know there's new research that suggests there are two easy-to-use strategies far better than what most think for improving learning? Find out the real inside information on "music and the brain" during your 4 day workshop.

INSIGHT #2: Learn the all-time best strategies for building and embedding lasting memory. You'll learn these on day one of the workshop. More importantly, we'll apply them throughout the course to insure you remember key ideas for immediate application.

INSIGHT #3: Find out the world's 14 most powerful learning principles. Engage these principles and your job stress will be cut in half and results will skyrocket. Find out what they are on day one of this remarkable course.

INSIGHT #4: How do you get 25+ practical strategies? It's simple. You'll be in a fever-pitched, sock-hopping milieu of like-minded, learners who generously share tried and true, work-tested ideas. In short, by learning from others, you'll get more ideas than you can use in a year.

INSIGHT #5: Why less is more when it comes to learning. Everywhere the new standards are in: more and more content is demanded. But something's wrong–you can push all the content you want but what are the brain's constraints? And just as importantly, what is the one single subject in which more IS better? In fact, you can triple the content and your learners will soak it up and want more.

INSIGHT #6: What's the #1 STRONGEST influence on learning? Is it genes, past experiences, parents or learning styles? All of those contribute, but surprisingly, none of them are at the top of the list! Find out the answer on day three.

INSIGHT #7: How can you engage your audience every single time? These brain chemicals are key: serotonin, GABA, cortisol, glutamate, norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemicals can be influenced...if you know how. We'll give you these amazing insider skills and show you how to do it.

INSIGHT #8: Neuroscientists are very explicit about what really enriches the brain. But not one teacher in 1000 knows the most critical factor in making it happen. Learning how to translate that research is the trick. Find out how on day two.

INSIGHT #9: Exercise affects learning many ways–but is it that critical, or just a frill? Find out what the real reason is to exercise at school...the one not being talked about. Why? They're not up on the latest research. But you will be right on the cutting edge for four fabulous days.

INSIGHT #10: There's a chemical imbalance in the brain responsible for certain discipline problems. Find out how to impact these chemicals in this amazing training.

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Teachers at Brain basd workshop

"The best workshop I have ever had in 20 years!" - S.S. Toledo, OH

"The best workshops are the ones where a teacher walks away with ready-to-implement strategies. Everybody at this workshop has a tone of useful strategies that can be implemented immediately." M. Gamboa, San Antonio, TX

If you want to succeed everyday with your students, you need the inside principles of how the brain really works. In this incomparable workshop, you will unlock and activate the brain's 14 most powerful learning and behavioral rules, unknown to most educators. You'll learn to teach with, not against, how the brain naturally learns. There's a reason why it's the #1 attended brain-based course in the world for a reason. It works! You can make a real difference. Gain confidence and lower your stress with powerful, practical learning strategies.

This workshop is an enriching, high energy, research-based, team-working experience, not a lecture. The heart and soul of this program is joyful immersion. Learn with like-minded people, in an optimal environment, with state-of-the-art resources and a first-class facilitator. You can expect inspiration, camaraderie and potent ideas that will last for years.


4-Day Agenda for
“Teaching with the Brain in Mind”

Day 1 –

8:30 AM: Introductions - Introductions, norms, team-building and key roles

Background – Big picture of neuroscience is the power of social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and emotions. We learn the key players, practical applications, neuroscience vocabulary building, the use of formative assessments and memory tools. We build teams and by the end of the morning, we are ready to move quickly!

11:45 – 1PM – Lunch

1:00PM: Overview of Core 14 Mind/Brain Principles – You will learn through demonstrations of the power of relevance, gesturing, emotions, repetition and movement for memory. We use the principles of academic optimism to learn quickly (and deeply). We share learning with others. Memory tools introduced, used and vocabulary is strengthened.

4:00 – 4:30  - Closing time – review, discussion and insights shared.

Day 2 –

8:30 AM: Introduction - Review of yesterday’s learning. Neuroscience vocabulary strengthened.

The Emotional brain- Discover how to make sense of the brain’s emotional systems. How and why these systems run our lives. Learn about trauma in the classroom. Learn the best ways to influence the emotional brain of your students in positive ways. Focus will be on emotional states, gratitude, optimism and the 12 best classroom states for learning including hope and anticipation. Learn the significance of relevance and buy-in for the brain. Find out why every teacher should use “emotional punctuation” and how to use it to reduce re-teaching and foster student enjoyment of learning.

11:45 – 1PM – Lunch

1:00 PM: Campus visit– This trip (included in your course tuition) takes you to a nearby university’s neuroscience department. You will get to meet close up and personal with real neuroscientists who solve cognitive science challenges in the real world. You will ask questions, see their technology as well as understand the brains they work with. This trip gives you a real “hands on” experience of how brain-based learning starts—in the science lab!

4:00 – 4:30 - Closing time – review, discussion and insights shared

Day 3 –

8:30 AM: Introductions: Review of yesterday’s learning. Neuroscience vocabulary strengthened.

Building Cognitive Capacity Part 1: Learn 5 core ways the brain changes (neuroplasticity, set-points, neurogenesis, cognitive attribution and state management).  Learn the potential and power of brain change. Discover the amazing reservoir of capacity in neurogenesis. Learn how to add new cells to your student’s brain. Find out how our brain responds to attribution, mindsets and expectations. You will learn how and why doing arts (and 5 other things) can and does change the brain every day.

11:45 – 1PM – Lunch

1:00 PM: Building Cognitive Capacity Part 2:  Learn how to build the 5 core cognitive capacities that drive student learning. Discover the power of neuroplasticity.  Here you learn why students struggle, how to fix learning in struggling students and how to accelerate the learning in your “up to speed” learners. Learn how to teach working memory. Discover why formative assessment (feedback) is so important to the brain.   Learn the 3 best ways to give students feedback that works!

4:00 – 4:30  - Closing time – review, discussion and plans made

Day 4 –

8:30 AM: Introduction: Review of yesterday’s learning. Neuroscience vocabulary strengthened.

Deepening:  Today we deepen our understanding of each of the 14 principles. For example, we make the mind – body connections that can support learning for struggling students.  Today we tie together the use of the mindfulness, daily thinking, affirmations, stretching, food, movement, yoga and physical education. We make relevant and practical applications in our workplace. Learn the role of technology (personalized learning, feedback and VR). We tie together neuroscience with our school behavior policies, the treatment of special ed students and the gifted students. We tie in curriculum, assessments and behavior policies.

11:45 – 1PM – Lunch

1:00 PM: Transfer: For most of us, making changes, based on what has been learned, is typically harder than it at first seems. Our brains and our schools are designed for stability. But our brains are also designed to respond to environmental input. You will learn a dozen tools for making the change happen in your personal and work life. To widen the learning, we ask ourselves how we can share this with others (websites, presentations, podcasts, etc.). You are now on the path to becoming a brain-based educator as you harness the full power of the brain!

3:30 – Closing time – review, discussion and plans made

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Here’s Your Iron Clad, Fully Safe Guarantee:

Eric Jensen Workshop For teachersOur “Cancellation Policy” is simple: If an emergency comes up anytime up until 2 weeks before the course begins (we need the two week notice so that those on the “wait list” will have time to make plans to rearrange their schedules to attend) and you cannot attend (health emergency, family situation, etc.) you may cancel and get a refund. But my promise to you gets even better. If, after you attend day one (no later), you decide that this program is NOT for you, please tell our staff and you may dis-enroll and we’ll refund your tuition paid to date. Simply 1) return your course workbook, 2) pay the administrative transfer cost of $50 and 3) we’ll part friends with no hard feelings. This is my way of lowering your risk. Why? Diane and I (Eric) do business as if our roles were reversed. If we were the customers, we would appreciate this solid guarantee from you.


Intended for All K-12 Teachers and Adult Educators

teachers at workshopThis remarkable 4-day, hands-on, experiential training explores both how the brain learns and the specific, practical applications of that knowledge. This program reveals powerful information, paired with usable skills and action steps. Enjoy the week with Dr. Eric Jensen using a variety of learning techniques: video, guest speakers, brainstorming, lecture, paired sharing, field trips and reflection.

Brain research applied to education is no longer an experiment. It's been a trend for over 25 years and it's not going away. You can add this exciting new content into your skill set or fall behind while your students, the new research and latest technology pass you by. Join the ranks of innovators!


      • Differentiated, idea-packed, quality instruction.
      • Get countless connections for support back at work; Learn from others and gain support.
      • Full color, Idea-packed notebook–practical and full of references.
      • Morning and afternoon beverages–Coffee and juice included in the morning and snacks in the afternoon. You are on your own for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      • Signed certificate of attendance shows you attended and participated.

June 5-8, 2019 in San Antonio, TX

Workshop Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm 

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What is Brain-Based Learning?
Not 1 in 100 Educators REALLY Knows!

Unfortunately, most educators think brain-based learning is simply knowing about axons, dendrites and synapses. That's "old school" and it's ridiculous! Brain-based learning is the process of thoughtfully implementing purposeful strategies based on research derived from a synergy of sizzling cutting-edge disciplines. They include, but are not limited to: cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, nutrition, social neurosciences, biology, pharmacology, computational sciences, quantum systems thinking, and artificial intelligence modeling.

More has been discovered about the brain and mind in the last 25 years than in all of recorded history. Yet, 99% of the teachers have no clear understanding of how the brain learns, remembers and behaves except on a superficial basis. Sadly, this lack of knowledge leaves the average educator with an education formulated in, and designed for, the last century. But there's hope.

When you attend a Jensen Learning program, you'll discover the genuine "Brain-Based Learning" in a completely new way. Why? Dr. Eric Jensen, is a twenty five-year veteran of the brain-based field. He's trained more people, written more books and innovated more than anyone in the field. Second, every principle, every idea and strategy is role-modeled so you can see it, hear it and feel HOW it works.

"(This workshop is) Better, more useful than most graduate courses."
-R.Z. Vernon, NJ

"When you attend this workshop your only regret would be that you did not take it before." J. Joseph, Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago

"I didn't know that working memory can be improved! I'm embarrassed and in shock I thought working memory was fixed. I feel like I've been doing a disservice to kids. I can't wait to get back and make some changes." K. Conley, Madison, WI

This program is literally, teaching with the brain in mind. It is purposeful, dynamic and easy to implement. The scientific, research-based teaching that BBL advocates involves the use of 14 fundamental brain-mind principles. Each of these has been well supported by rigorous, quality scientific studies. These principles are revealed to you through activities, case study, lectures, video and discussion. Each of these principles is so powerful, that implementing even half of them will make a mind-blowing difference in your work. But don't take my word for it. Listen to what one of our participants has said...

This program is a dynamic overview of Dr. Eric Jensen's newly revised book Teaching with the Brain in Mind. This course provides specific, practical brain-compatible strategies for all educators. All teachers influence their students. Now you can discover what it takes for students to acquire complex learning and achieve their best. You'll want to learn these essential rules for how our brain works.

"This course is amazing. Get ready to learn practical, effective strategies for learning that you can implement as soon as you get home!" P. Bentley, Brooklyn, WI

"Heartedly encourage & recommend to others. The brain & learning is what we should consider first, before implementing 21st century skills, or any other pedagogy."
C. Barrington, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

By the way, have you decided to attend yet? I hope so. In your career, you get back from it what you put into it. What other investment could you make that will accelerate your career into the 21st century? Can you afford to go? It's more a case of "Can you afford NOT to go?" Read this true story...

"This is a fabulous, enlightening workshop! Be prepared for high energy and information that can be transferred into school setting immediately!"
M. Strahan, Houston, TX

"This is a workshop all teachers should be required to attend! Understanding how kids learn will have a huge impact on how I teach."
L. Allen, Marshfield, MO

If you've read this far, you KNOW it's for you. And besides, it's risk-free. You've got a satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, go for it, before the workshop is filled & you have to wait another year. Your future is important and this may insure its success.

To Your Success,

Eric Jensen, President, Jensen Learning

P.S. This workshop is especially powerful for you if your school's not performing up to standards. Why? Because you'll get the powerhouse tools you need the most to help create a school-wide turnaround. The reason your kids aren't achieving is simple... If you're not teaching in ways that work WITH instead of AGAINST the brain, learning goes down. Learn how to foster optimal learning. Come to the workshop, bring your supervisor, principal, colleagues, even a policy-maker! But register soon, the word's out already.

Oh, by the way, listen to what another participant said...

"I took your 4-day Brain-Based Learning workshop a few summers ago in San Antonio. I was blown away. My wife said I couldn't stop talking each night about what I had learned that day. I was so much anticipating going back to the classroom and applying what I was learning. I had read some of your books and utilized the ideas in the past, but being in the workshop was such a shot in the arm. My enthusiasm skyrocketed. It was easy applying the ideas to my classes. The kids would tell you it made a difference!" G. Kubina, Mobile, AL


June 5-8, 2019 in San Antonio, TX
at Omni Colonnade Hotel

Registration Is Only $595
EarlyBird 10% Savings now in Effect!

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