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Factors that Contribute Most to Student Achievement

What Does the Neuroscience Say Are the Factors that Contribute Most to Student Achievement? Almost every teacher I meet has a theory about kids. Well, actually, he or she has many theories. But if I ask the million dollar question, “What is it that contributes most to student learning?” the teacher usually gets quiet. I […]

The Prejudice of Poverty

; Last week Andre Bauer, the lieutenant governor of South Carolina and a candidate to become the state’s next governor, compared providing government assistance to those in need – including school kids eligible for free or reduced price lunches – to feeding stray animals. He claimed that providing such services only encourage breeding and facilitate […]

Brain-Based Learning: Practical Applications For Teachers

Let’s pop all these ingredients in our “brain-compatible classroom activity generator” and let it help us get practical. We want to combine the science behind emotions, physical movement and socialization. Presto! It just so happens that one of the brain-based learning strategies I use is the engagement of rituals. Here are the five ingredients of […]

Teaching Strategies: The Use of Social and Emotional Activities

Valentines, Feelings and Affect: The Use of Social and Emotional Activities Here’s how they work together: The emotions research always starts with the classics. An older, brilliant study done was done by emotions pioneer Paul Ekman. You may know the Fox TV series “Lie to Me” is based on his skill set and life’s work. […]

Professional Development for Teachers – When You Have To Do It Yourself

In today’s world, budgets are tighter than ever. Principals are now tasked with a great amount of staff training. When preparing a presentation for your teaching staff, the most difficult element is getting that &*%$ PowerPoint finalized. We’ve all been there. After receiving numerous requests for copies of Eric Jensen’s presentations that he’s held in […]

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Teacher Workshop

“Teaching with the Brain in Mind” workshop Feb 15-20 (Newport Beach-CA) You might have experienced some very cold temps in the last few weeks. Cognitively, brains work best in cooler (but not cold) temperatures. But the rest of our body sure likes it a bit warmer. If you were thinking of “warming up” to some […]

Teaching High Poverty Kids Using A High Impact Curriculum

Kids from poverty do not need a “dumbed down” curriculum. These are the three “As” that matter” most: arts, AP (advanced placement curriculum) and activity (P.E., recess, sports). Before these kids even get to school, they have been subjected to years of “doing without.” Poor children are half as likely to be taken to museums, […]

The Challenges Involved in Brain-Based Learning

Every New Discipline Has Challenges Typical challenges involved in brain-based learning include: finding people and sources you can trust to learn from (websites, famous people, etc.) deciding on the format or vehicle for learning (in person, on-line, books?) prioritizing the time to make it happen (learning plus the implementation) Sorry, there are no shortcuts with […]

Limitations of Brain-based Learning

Nothing is perfect. Limitations of brain-based learning do exist.  No one process or paradigm can solve ALL of the problems in education. The brain itself has limitations, and all of us are part of the process. They are no more difficult than the limitations you find in any other teaching and learning situation. It will […]

An Educational Staff Development Plan To Optimize Teacher Time

Effectively Making an Educational Staff Development Plan Optimizes Teacher Time. In-Service Learning Should Be about Reforms and Improvements to Teaching. Making an educational staff development plan is not always easy. There is a lot of competition for teachers’ time and, from a classroom standpoint, every day is precious. The chief purpose of making an educational […]