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Fool-Proof Strategies to Jump Start any New Habit

It’s Time to Do a Simple Experiment at Work; Have you ever tried to start a new exercise routine, only to quit a week or two into it? Or had the best of intentions to give students more frequent and specific feedback, but never got it jumpstarted? Believe it or not – even the best […]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Two Overlooked Feedback Tips for ALL

It’s that time again! Time to look in the mirror and see what impact YOU are making. No one likes to give their all to something and not know if their efforts were worthwhile. Not me, not you, and not even your students. Being able to look in the mirror and ask, “MIRROR, MIRROR on […]

What Mister Rogers Didn’t Know About His Neighborhood … But You Should!

In the classic children’s TV series, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, viewers are swept away to a Land of Make Believe – a utopian neighborhood created by their red cardigan-wearing host, Mr. Rogers. Before you take off your sneakers, slip into your slippers, and fully commit to his infamous question, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” there are […]

Do You Carry This Around with You? If So, Please Stop!

What if I told you there are things you might be carrying around with you daily that are toxic? At your school, you may have staff that are still mad at a leader who left the school years ago. We all know someone who is carrying “these” – sometimes for a student, colleague, or family member. In […]

talking in class

Why Student’s Talking During Class is Actually a Good Thing

Think all that side-talk happening in your classroom is interfering with learning? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. The student talking to the student next to them, and the student consumed by their social media app during your class are both seeking the same human need – social connection. One may get what they’re […]

Teaching With Poverty In Mind – an Interview with Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen discusses his Brain-Based Learning approach in working with students in poverty.

Brain Based Event

The Greatest Show on Earth – But Only 4 Seats Available!

Have you ever been in this situation: you’re meeting up with a friend to go to a concert? Upon arriving, your friend begins to introduce you to his other friends. “This is Maria, this is Carter …” By the time he gets to the 5th person, you’re struggling to remember the first. YES! Your brain […]

Alzheimer’s Disease

6 Ways to Protect Yourself (and Loved Ones) from Alzheimer’s Disease

How to Keep the Cobwebs Away and Prevent Alzheimer’s What would it be like to no longer recognize the face of a loved one? To no longer have memories of that magical vacation you spent years saving for? To not remember your wedding day, your children, or even what you did yesterday? I don’t know […]

How to Prevent Cancer!

What would you be willing to do to have an extra day, month, or years with your loved ones? Each year we take a break from the science of education and update you on two devastating diseases likely to impact you and/or your loved ones. This month it is cancer; July will be about Alzheimer’s […]

7 Ways to Thrive During Overload

Regardless of where you are in the school calendar, the feeling of distress can be overwhelming! Don’t fret there’s relief ahead, and it just may keep you sane! Remember that stress is your brain and body’s reaction to any demand. There is good stress (healthy levels) and bad stress (chronic and acute like a trauma). Stress affects everyone […]

“Dump the Slump!” Your 60-Day Solution

Does it feel like it yet? It’s that time of year … again! Does it seem like your students get off task more quickly than usual? Do they move more slowly from one task to the next? Are they showing signs of boredom more often? If you’re like most teachers I work with, you are […]

Brain Based Testing

Uncovering the Secret World of High Test Performers

(and how your students can do better) Your student’s brains seem wired to forget much of what they learn, especially at test time. This might seem a bit discouraging to you, but it is true, and it is actually a good thing. Yes, forgetting can be a good thing … but NOT when you want […]

Why “Cross your Fingers and Hope for the Best” is Actually Great Advice

Have you ever wondered what really creates the difference between the student who gives strong effort and the one who doesn’t? Is there some magical research that provides evidence that crossing your fingers initiates a physiological reaction that somehow leads to better student effort and attitude? Well, the research almost says that – not quite. If you’d like greater […]

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5 Ways to a Better Life and Better Brain in 2018

Still deciding what to add to your list of New Year’s resolutions? If you are like many, you might have set a goal that has something to do with health, weight, or fitness. As you wonder whether you really want to spend the next 12 months staring at a Fitbit, a scale, or health goals […]