Getting Everyone on the Same Page: How YOUR Classroom Can Experience “Brain Synchronicity”

Have you ever had a class where, for whatever reason, you and the class didn’t feel connected like you’ve experienced before? Or perhaps you’ve taught at a school where the leadership and staff were not in sync? It’s not pleasant.

What if you could intentionally create that “in-sync” experience with your class or staff? And what if you knew how to use it to improve student behavior, attitude, and learning? Things could be a lot better. Ever heard, “We gotta get everyone on the same page”? It’s possible and we’ll show you how! Read more

Brain Based Teacher

Would You Rather be Trendy or Evidence-Based?

Your Classroom Might Be Slowing the Learning!

Where do you look for guidance on ensuring your classroom is set up for optimal learning? Pinterest will show you some really pretty classrooms, but the scientific research will direct you to the BIG 3 – the three factors in your classroom that significantly impact student learning.

Lean in for the breakdown of TWO of these three factors. No matter what your classroom situation is, you’re about to get some fabulous insights. Read more

Self-care September: Stress Less by Filling These 4 Buckets

It’s not a secret – being a teacher is HARD work. For some, teaching may be physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and socially lonely. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The work you are doing every day is too meaningful for it to be dragging you down.

Every September, we dedicate this newsletter to YOU – to you taking care of yourself. You may want to take this issue extra seriously. Why? You might be like many who find their stress levels going up, and within months, you’re “running on empty.” Start the healthy habits now, while you can, so they will be in place when your four “vitality buckets” start feeling dangerously empty.

You simply can’t be at your best for students until you are at your best, too. We’ll keep it simple and very practical because you’re worth it. Your first step to self-care begins with… Read more

How to Jumpstart Your School Year Differently

For many of you, the new school year will be starting soon.

For others who are on a different school calendar, consider re-reading this information the next time you have a fresh start with a new group of students.

There is A LOT to do to get ready for a new group of learners to walk through your classroom door.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed with how to spend your time at the beginning of the year and what to focus on.

So, what are the most pressing issues that need to be addressed from the beginning of a term or year?

Well, the answer depends on who you ask. If it was me, I would put everything you’ve been told on “pause” and FIRST get inside your students’ brains. How? Keep reading – your classroom prep may have to wait until you do this one thing… Read more


Are We Getting Closer to a Cure?

Are We Getting Closer to a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

It is hopeful to think of the millions of people who will (one day) be able to still remember that dream vacation, their wedding day, and recognize the face of their children. But how close are we, really, to a cure? Are we really on the verge of curing the #6 cause of death (Alzheimer’s Association, 2018)?

Scientists are working frantically to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but it seems like there are VERY FEW people out there who actually have the know-how and power to prevent the loneliest death imaginable. Who is it? Keep reading to find out … Read more

How Would Your Students Describe Your Classroom?

Would Your Students Describe Your Classroom as Boring or Chaotic?

“This month seems like a lost cause for learning.” Have you heard someone say something like that before? I’ve got an idea for you this month to keep you green and growing all the way till the school year’s over. It’s never too late to try something new that can boost student learning.

This is a great time of the school year for an experiment. Practice going a bit too far in either direction with the strategies below and see if you discover more boredom or chaos. Your student’s not-so-subtle pushback will be the precise feedback you need to find the balance between … Read more

Fool-Proof Strategies to Jump Start any New Habit

It’s Time to Do a Simple Experiment at Work;

Have you ever tried to start a new exercise routine, only to quit a week or two into it? Or had the best of intentions to give students more frequent and specific feedback, but never got it jumpstarted? Believe it or not – even the best of intentions and motivation only get you so far … and in many cases it’s not very far.

The key to successful habit formation is NOT you. Yes – you read that right! Prepare to be SHOCKED to learn what you are missing and how EASY it can be to become a pro at starting and breaking habits. Your life is about to get really good, really fast. Read more

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Two Overlooked Feedback Tips for ALL

It’s that time again! Time to look in the mirror and see what impact YOU are making.

No one likes to give their all to something and not know if their efforts were worthwhile. Not me, not you, and not even your students. Being able to look in the mirror and ask, “MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall, am I making a difference AT ALL?” is a HUGE gift-giving habit. It brings reassurance, confidence, and … well, you’ll see.

Looking in the mirror has never been THIS rewarding. Let’s lean in and take a look. Read more

talking in class

Why Student’s Talking During Class is Actually a Good Thing

Think all that side-talk happening in your classroom is interfering with learning? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. The student talking to the student next to them, and the student consumed by their social media app during your class are both seeking the same human need – social connection. One may get what they’re looking for. The other, probably not. Read more

Teaching With Poverty In Mind – an Interview with Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen discusses his Brain-Based Learning approach in working with students in poverty.