Visiting China’s Best Kept Secret

Diane and I traveled to Guilin, China following the International Mind and Brain EXPO in Hong Kong this February, and I thought I’d share a few pictures of the trip…

One of the best-kept secrets in the travel world is the city of Guilin in mainland China. It’s about 325 miles NW of Hong Kong. In Guilin, there is a fabulous panda enclosure. We were the only visitors that morning.”

Guilan China

This is an amazing natural park in Guilin. It’s has waterfalls, epic scenery, beautiful walkways, monkeys running around and places to be at one with your thoughts. Here we are on the bridge, about to cross into the park.”

Eric and Diane Jensen in China

This remote city is Yangshu, as beautiful as it gets. A few hotels, but mostly bustling shops and restaurants. We took our class in cooking school here and learned how to make some very tasty Chinese treats.

Yangshu, China