Magic and the Brain

Here’s a fun video on Brain Magic… by Keith Barry

TV host and “technologist” Keith Barry shows you some unbelievable magic and “how easy it is to manipulate the human mind once you know how.” Keith Barry shows how to trick the human brain with routines that exploit its bugs and loopholes, and offering a revealing look at the software between our ears.


Barry’s repertoire ranges from outrageous stunts — driving a car at full speed blindfolded — to mind control, including hypnosis and mindreading. The Irish magician’s relaxed style has made him an audience favorite worldwide, both in live shows and on his European television series, Close Encounters with Keith Barry, which aired in 28 countries. He’s had specials on MTV and CBS, and tried his hand at acting as a murder suspect on CSI: Miami. There are rumors of a Las Vegas residency later in 2008.