7 Ways You Can Prevent Or Reduce the Effects of Cognitive Decline (including Alzheimer’s)


Next month, we’ll get back to the brain and schools. But, during June and July we focus on your personal world. Last month, we focused on “7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Cancer”. This month, we’ll focus on how to prevent or reduce the effects of cognitive decline. This issue may apply to a family member or even yourself. After all, every 68 seconds, another American is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and it’s a cold, cruel way to die.

When our thinking and memory capacity becomes diminished (by a stroke, trauma, aging or Alzheimer’s) we begin to lose our sense of self and we frustrate those around us.  The good news is that there are some well-researched approaches that can make dramatic differences in brain health. The first thing you can do is…. Read more