Extreme Schools: Miracles Happen Every Day

Roosevelt Elementary School

Our featured “Extreme School” is…Well, let a staff member tell her story…

“We needed help; our socio-economically deprived children were not progressing as we wished that they would. About 77% of our students are served by free lunch and free breakfast, and we knew that those students specifically needed to be able to read to realize their maximum success.

Many people thought that this school out in the rural cotton fields probably could not do much differently or much better. After all, we serve the local Children’s Home and the local Boys’ Ranch. These students also had some stumbling blocks in their way toward success.”

What did they do and how did it turn out?


Their school and staff have been recognized as “Exemplary” for three years in a row. The school is a top academic performer. Their students now seem to have an unlimited desire to learn. Their staff reports that they have come to the realization that all children can succeed. The teachers are confident with their knowledge and training for success. They say they will continue to study research-based best practices and the brain’s aptitude for growth. Life is good at this Title 1 success school.


The focus was on classroom instruction. All the staff got trained in the Reading First program. Staff upgraded their teaching using best practices and research-based reading instruction. Parts of their materials they studied were Eric Jensen’s books on brain-based learning because they decided the brain and metacognition was of utmost importance to their student population. They focused on reading and instruction as a relentless mission. The miracles followed.


Roosevelt Elementary School, in Lubbock TX, 79403. 806-842-3284 ext.173.

NOTE: The school is currently in the running for being an “Extreme School” Winner for a complimentary day of staff development!


Now that you’ve read about another “Extreme School” success story, we have a question for you. How many school successes do you need to see and hear about before you BELIEVE that it can happen at your school? And, if there’s anyone on your staff that does not think it can happen, please forward these monthly bulletins to them.

Second, what can you learn from the true story mentioned above? The only good that happens in this world is when you move things from inside your brain to the outside world. What ideas, principles or strategies were either affirmed or new to you? Could this be a topic of discussion at your next staff meeting?

Finally, miracles happen every day. Are you ready to be one of them?

Your partner in learning,

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen
CEO, Jensen Learning
Brain-Based Education

P.S. Does your Title 1 school have an unusual story? If so, I’d like to include
it in my next book!

TO QUALIFY: If your test scores or other student achievement measurements place your school in either the bottom 25% OR the top 25% in your state, you qualify as an “Extreme School!” If you send us your story (1-2 paragraphs and contact information), you’ll be entered into the drawing.

WHAT YOU GET: One lucky school will win a FREE staff development by me (Eric Jensen). If ten schools enter, your odds are just one in ten (of course, if a half million schools enter, that’s a bit different).

WHAT I GET: If the story is interesting, I might be able to use your school in my next book.

TO APPLY: Send your “Extreme Title 1 School Story” to me at: info@jlcbrain.com

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