The Amazing International Mind and Brain EXPO in Hong Kong

… Will You Get the Brain Rush?

There’s a revolution taking place throughout education… a revolution sparked by the explosion of new knowledge about the human brain and our practical, urgent need to gain cutting edge, paradigm-rocking teaching survival skills for this new century. Now is your chance to be part of a rare event that brings together the worlds top experts on learning, the human brain, educational innovation, and you get to be there!

Discover the New “Neuroscience of Teaching”

That’s right. At Jensen Learning, we were the originators of the Learning Brain EXPO, and to our delight, other Brain EXPOs have popped up around the world. Now the first Hong Kong Mind/Brain EXPO is coming up we are excited to be a part of it!

Click here to register for the first Hong Kong Mind/Brain EXPO

How to Tell if it’s For You

You should attend… if you’re interested in the powerful impact and practical applications of brain research on learning, teaching, training, and education. The Expo is particularly valuable for:

  • Supervisors
  • Classroom teachers
  • Staff developers
  • Principals
  • Support Staff
  • Trainers

Can You Find Your Area of Interest Below?

Our speaker list is highlighted by the always-popular maverick psychiatrist Daniel Amen. Amen is the author of many best-sellers, and a true pioneer in brain imaging. His sessions sell out every single time. Join the EXPO to find out his latest research on maximizing your brain health. This is critical, cutting-edge information for you AND your loved ones!

Learn how to revolutionize your teaching and learning – and make it a place of learning, discovery, collaboration, excitement, and positive transformation, with brain-compatible pioneer, the original and legendary Eric Jensen. He’s written 26 books and he will show how you turn your classroom or school into a brain-compatible event that excites students every day.

But there’s more…

You’ll get a chance to hear the legendary Art Costa, founder of the Thinking Skills movement and Cognitive Coaching movement. He is a legend and you’ll get a rare chance to hear him before it’s too late.

When you attend, you’ll…

RECEIVE dozens of specific, practical tools and strategies that they can apply immediately including the power of nonverbals with

INTERACT with leading experts in neuroscience, learning, and the arts;

LEARN proven methods for boosting student learning, motivation, and achievement;

DISCOVER how to create and sustain positive change in their local school, district, and community;

DEVELOP a step-by-step action plan ready for immediate implementation back on the job;

INCREASE knowledge base by experiencing the cutting-edge of innovations in teaching and learning; and

SKYROCKET self-confidence as they develop greater expertise with brain-compatible approaches. Who else will be there?

What Can You Expect to Learn?

  • How to promote intrinsic motivation
  • The intricate role emotions play in the thinking and learning process
  • How to get students emotionally engaged and excited about learning
  • How emotions (our body’s ‘second nervous system’) influence ability to learn
  • Why movement is absolutely critical for effective and enduring learning
  • Why music and the arts build better brains
  • Practical suggestions for immediately boosting student learning – and teacher success

This will be the biggest learning party in Southeast Asia. It is… February 2-5, 2012 in Hong Kong.

By the way – I know you’re already on the cutting edge – after all, you’re on my list! But I still need your help! Could you help me spread the word?

Would You Do Me a Small Favor?

Please – share your enthusiasm with others. Show this material with your peers, your principal, your colleagues, school board members – in short, with anyone and everyone who could also benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime learning, networking, and personal growth opportunity.

Give this to your colleagues and supervisor so that every teacher, principal, and staff member can find out about this amazing event. Just think – the more your peers are exposed to this brave new world of brain-compatible learning, the greater your opportunities for creating profound, sustainable, positive change throughout your particular universe of influence.

Plus, when you bring colleagues with you to the conference, you’ve created a built-in support system when you go home. So, spread the word. You’ll be doing your colleagues – and the young people whose lives they impact – a great service. And to help you apply what you’ve learned, stay for the last afternoon of the last day. Why?

You’ll come away with new lesson plans and a blueprint for weaving deep learning strategies into your teaching. Gain confidence and be inspired by knowing how to make the most of your new strategies.

It’s time to quit dreaming and start taking action. You can attend an amazing conference that will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY! Here’s how to find out more and get registered…

Click here to get the details on the first Hong Kong Mind/Brain EXPO

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